My portfolio is dedicated to tech-driven, human-centered solutions to tricky problems.



A one-month venture design project with a video game startup to evolve its design capabilities and launch the next generation of the company's gaming platform.



A year-long organizational design project with a community hospital to inspire a new way of working.


A three-month business and service design project to develop a proof of concept for a dairy value chain in Kenya.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.57.04 PM.png CHATBOT DESIGN PROJECT

A three-month business design engagement to determine key value props and develop a revenue model of a chatbot platform for digital farmers in Kenya. Service Design Project

A one-month design sprint to scale a refugee-led preschool program to new locations in Africa and beyond.

Ihub Case Study

A 25-page business case study on Kenya's premier innovation space, the iHub. Completed as part of my Master's coursework at The Fletcher School.

Tufts Innovation Symposium

An interactive, student-run innovation conference. I served on the executive committee from 2014-2015. 

Negotiating Innovation Workshops

A series of negotiation seminars delivered to over 150 young African entrepreneurs at the iHub with the goal of developing skilled and effective business negotiators. 

Market Entry Strategy for the Nike Foundation

A 100-slide PowerPoint market entry strategy for The Nike Foundation's involvement in The Girl Effect initiative. Instrumental in the Foundation's pivot from Africa into South and Southeast Asia.

the Solution Revolution Book Project

Over a year of research and writing assistance for Deloitte Partner Bill Eggers, with extensive support of his award-winning book, Solution Revolution.

the Making America Stronger Series

A series of infographics and peer-reviewed reports designed and developed in partnership with Deloitte University Press. 

Documenting change in Kosovo

A two-week expedition to Kosovo and Macedonia to support marketing for a USAID-supported development project.

Securing America's Future initiative

A dynamic video and PowerPoint presentation created for executive leadership at The Center for the Study of the Presidency.