Trailblazing human-centered design solutions


I’m a design strategist with a focus on the intersection between design thinking and new business ventures. Humans first. Always.


My Purpose

Use design to help small startups and large businesses build products, experiences, and ultimately, new ventures – allowing these organizations to identify and communicate their purpose to their employees and the world.

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My Background

Design chops developed at IDEO and Strategic thinking honed at Deloitte Consulting. Writing skills refined at a Washington think tank. And international aptitude forged at Georgetown and Tufts University.

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My Portfolio

I believe that good design starts by listening to the people you’re designing for. My portfolio highlights several human-centered design projects from my work at IDEO and

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My Work

I’ve worked from Kakuma, Kenya to Cambridge, Massachusetts for tiny three-person startups to large Fortune 500 companies.

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As Owen’s academic background and professional experience suggest, he is someone well worth investing in.

— Bill Eggers, Author of Solution Revolution


My Writing

Storytelling is critical to get others excited about your designs. Here are a few pieces I’ve written over the years.

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Owen is an experimenter by nature – prototyping new products and services is where he gets energy.

— Rob Gradoville,


My Toolkit

As a business designer, I’m driven to help companies understand their customer and design products and services to meet their needs. Here are a few of the tools I use to get there.

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